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Volunteer with ReallyFriend

Contribute to creating a new way of volunteering

Would you like to volunteer but you don't know where to start?
Do you have skills or qualities that you want to put at the service of others?

Collaborate with ReallyFriend and become the protagonist of a new way of volunteering!

You can highlight your skills in various ways:

Do you have experience with organizing events? Help us organize a charity event;

Do you print T-shirts, create puppets or other gadgets? Let's agree together on the right content that can help fundraising.

Are you in contact with local realities that you want to make known? Tell us the needs of the non-profit organizations you know and put us in contact with them;

Are you a videomaker who cares about a particular social cause? Shooting a short video clip to connect with more people is a great way to volunteer;

Take part in our project and donate a part of yourself to the cause you care about

To volunteer creatively do not hesitate to contact us

Our volunteers and their projects

The more Amigurumi we make the more smiles we give away!

The project that has been carried out is constantly expanding and consists of creating Amigurumi,
small crochet puppets, with the aim of giving a smile to less fortunate children.


Giorgia Castronuovo

"I am happy to participate with my Amigurumi in this project, which I was enthusiastic about from the very beginning. My idea was to create a puppet that encouraged us to be ourselves and to try to create as many bonds as possible, according to our abilities. Therefore I have chosen as the theme of this message the giraffe, an animal that, in my opinion, can give very valuable life lessons, including the fact that sometimes we allow ourselves to be blinded by the distractions of life when we should instead turn our attention towards other directions. "