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Charity: how to create your campaign

Who can create a charity campaign?

Public authority

Non-profit association


Why choose ReallyFriend to promote your project?

Why choose ReallyFriend to promote your project?

Make yours stand out charity project in uno spazio dedicato al mondo della solidarietà.

Registering on the App and creating a fundraiser is totally free , the Association Linari Medical ONLUS does not withhold any cost on the amount donated , facts save payment carriers.

Ease of use : create your campaign in minutes.

You save time and resources that you would have spent managing a site.

Get in connection with users in real time thanks to graphs and countdowns that indicate the progress of the goal .

Possibility of involving people sensitive to your own causes.

Simplicity and speed are the elements that distinguish us

How to create a charity campaign

1) Open the App and click on "Create Campaign".
2) Enter your details.
3) Enter the details of the beneficiary of the charity campaign.
4) Enter the IBAN and upload a document that verifies the correspondence.
5) Describe your campaign (categories, title, description, image).
6) Define the goal to be achieved.
7) Select the time interval of your fundraising.
8) Upload the documents relating to the legal aspects (legal representation of the Beneficiary, deeds of incorporation, chamber of commerce certificates, minutes of the meeting, deeds of appointment and identity document).

What are you waiting for?

It costs nothing to try

Do you want to have more visibility?

Send us a 3 minute video:

1) Introduce your non-profit organization
2) List the objectives of your charity campaign
3) Tell us why you chose ReallyFriend